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Every child deserves a happy and safe childhood and you can help make that a reality. Join us and make a difference in a child's life today!

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About ThankYou by Childhood

ThankYou is a World Childhood Foundation initiative to build support for the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation of children. When you dedicate a song to someone who helped make your childhood special, you help spread the word about Childhood’s work to ensure all children can grow up free from abuse. Combining music and happy childhood memories, ThankYou celebrates the joy of childhood and inspires participants to be there for the children in their own life.

When you dedicate a song, you can educate others about World Childhood Foundation’s work to help protect children, unlock funding from our partners to support Childhood projects, and support our movement through your generous donations. Thanks to the Carlson Family Foundation, each ThankYou song you send to a parent, friend, or mentor triggers a $5 donation to Childhood’s projects in the US and around the world. Send a ThankYou song now and help a child!

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World Childhood Foundation

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. World Childhood Foundation works globally for children’s right to a safe and happy childhood. We utilize preventative measures to ensure that children will not be sexually abused and exploited. The best such measure is to ensure that all children receive a childhood worth remembering and that they are given the chance to grow up in a loving and caring family. World Childhood Foundation wants to give all children a happy childhood and the opportunity to develop into strong, secure and responsible human beings.

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Our Partners

ThankYou to our corporate partners for making this initiative possible and for supporting Childhood’s work to help children at risk of abuse around the world.

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